Who Was The First Person Killed In Game Of Thrones?

The first person killed in Game of Thrones was Waymar Royce, right at the beginning of the season 1 episode 1. White Walker killed Waymar Royce by slashing him with an ice blade.

White Walkers Killed The First Person In Game of Thrones

Have you at any point thought about how did the White Walkers get their name, and where do they originate from? At first, believe it or not, White Walkers used to be humans.

White Walkers are viewed as one of the old races in the realm of Game of Thrones. They originate from the Far North of Westeros, deep beyond The Wall, and are thousands of years old. The Night King is the leader of White Walkers.

Who Created The White Walkers – Killers of The First Person In Game Of Thrones?

Children of the Forest created the White Walkers to protect them from the First Men who chopped their sacred trees and massacred their tribe.

Before Children of the Forest captured them and turned them into weapons, White Walkers were humans. Dragonglass daggers were pressed into the chests of the First Men, and the White Walker was born.

weapons used in game of thrones series
By Benjamin Skinstad – Imgur gallery (license statement at bottom) / Reddit post, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32426719

In addition, to become independent, White Walkers stopped being just weapons and made terms on their own. Without Children of the Forest controlling them. Afterwards, they became the most terrifying creatures in Westeros, representing a threat to all living people.

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First Person Killed in Game Of Thrones by The Night King

The Night King was the first of the White Walkers and one of the First Men before the Children of the Forest turned him. His capacity is to transform newborn children into White Walkers. We saw that when Craster was relinquishing his children to the Night King as an end-result of his own security.

What Powers Do White Walkers Have?

White Walkers have the power to freeze anything they touch, whether it is a living thing or an item. One of the most horrific powers a White Walker has is to turn dead people into wights. As a result, to prevent White Walkers from growing their army, wildings consequently burned the bodies of their dead.

Can You Kill White Walkers?

Yes, you can. There are two ways so far. First one is with dragon glass. Dragonglass is another name for an obsidian — volcanic glass of sorts. Valyrian steel, forged by using magic, is an alternative way of killing a White Walker.

Lastly, both dragonglass and valyrian steel are very rare, but they do exist.

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