How many times did you ask yourself who was the first person that did something? How about the common question when was the first time something happened? Or perhaps, what is the first-ever this and that?

Honestly, I have been asking myself these questions a lot, especially during the shower time or long commutes. That’s why I decided to build a website dedicated to the simple world of fun timely facts.

My name is Dan, and I have opened my website, the-first-ever.com to any other history enthusiast, who wants to dig into the world’s first-evers.

My background in history relies more on my passion and curiosity than on my academic background. However, I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science and attained 2 Master Degrees. One is in Business System Optimisation, and another one is in Economics of Entrepreneurship.

Currently, I am doing a PhD study in Information Sciences, and am hoping to make a contribution to society with its results. The same way – I am hoping to make a contribution to the world historical database, with my website, and my first-evers in history.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I like thinking about this stuff. If you have an idea or thought you would like to share, feel free to message me, I will be happy to write a post about it.

If you want to be a guest writer, like Lea, Sonja, Vedran, Filip and many others – message me and I will be happy to welcome you to our team of historical enthusiasts!